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The wines of Prelius-Castelprile are very much influenced by the unique terroir, the microclimate, the training system and the great character of Federica Mascheroni Stianti. Cabernet sauvignon gives the structure to the wines, Sangiovese the freshness, Merlot the roundness and the Cabernet franc the elegance. While in Maremma usually wines are quite "big" in Castelprile we try to aim to elegance and a taste of the Mediterranean spices. The blend of the wines changes every year but the pivot is always the Cabernet sauvigon.

The CABERNET SAUVIGNON wants to bring the drinker to Maremma, to the wonderful parfumes of the "macchia mediterranea" with it's spices well balanced with the fruit and the freshness.

As what regards the VERMENTINO it is said that be express its best and to be "typical" it has to overlook the sea. Well, our Vermentino grows 2 miles away from the sea,it overlooks it in the spectacular cornice of the Tuscan Islands and it finally lives and feels the sea daily with the alternation of the sea breezes. It is vinified pure (sometimes in Maremma vermentino is blended with Viogner). The result is a fresh wine with hints of Pineapple, flowers and apple with a typical mineral taste.
LocalitÓ Prile 58043 - Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)
C.F. MSC FRC 76M59 D612R - P.I. 05752660489
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