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The Climate is typically Mediterranean influenced but the proximity to the sea. Winters are mild, minimum temperature drop rarely below 0░ Celsius. Summers are relatively hot with maximum temperatures between 30░ and 35░ Celsius and good temperature excursions between night and day due to the night breezes coming down from the hills toward the sea.

Precipitations are concentrated in the early spring and late autumn while during summer time are very scarse (the reason why is so important to have an estate's lake for irrigation). Relative humidity is generally low due to the alternation between land and sea breezes.

The Estate has a unique microclimate. It is protected from the north by the hills behind it while thanks to it's slightly higher elevation (150 feet) it is kept cool at night by the breezes coming down from the surrounding hills.
LocalitÓ Prile 58043 - Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)
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