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The vineyards have been planted between 2001 and 2005 with a distance between the rows of 1,30 or 1,40 meters and a distance between the vines of 0,80 or 1,00 meter with a density between 3.500 and 4.500 plants per acre. The orientation of the rows is NNW to SSE. The training system is a modificed Guyot (without the "sperone"). All the vineyards are equipped with a drop irrigation system fed by the estate's lake of approximately 20.000 mc.

Being the rows so tight the pruning is all done by hand and the pruned material given back to the earth. In fact our pruners walk in the vineyards carrying a steel lorry, with little wholes in the bottom, in which they burn the brunches of the pruned vineyards that, turned into ashes (and thefore disinfected from any possible disease), then fall back into the vineyard through the hole of the lorry, bringing back to the soil precious minerals.

The harvest is done partly by hand partly mechanicallly using a Bobar tractor. By hand we pick the Vermentino grapes and the best red grapes destined to become our Castelprile.

The mechanical harvest allows us to harvest quickly and at the right time the rest of the red grapes. In a hot weather like the one of Maremma the grapes can pass from a full ripeness to overripe in a single day.

All the vineyards, as well as the olive groves, are farmed organically.
LocalitÓ Prile 58043 - Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)
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