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As in Volpaia, all our the vineyards, as well as the olive groves and the rest of the estate, are farmed organically thanks to the special microclimate of the Estate characterized by constant day and night breezes that keep the moisture low therefore creating an environment that isn't suitable for the development of fungis the main pathogen of diseases such as late blight, oidio* and grey mould.

The most dangerous threat of the region is the Tignoletta*, a very little insect whose larvae break the skin of the berry in the maturation process to eat the pulp and therefore leaving the berry vulnerable to mould. We control such a threat in organic agriculture with the innovative natural technique of the sexual confusion, by releasing in the vineyards pheromones that confuse the male who therefore don't find the female to reproduce. To respect the environment also the fertilisation is done just with organic manure.

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You can download here our organic farming certification.
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