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Born in Florence in 1976, Carlo and Giovannella's daughter, Federica, took her earliest degrees in Milan. In 1995, she goes to Florence, where she studies and earns in 1998 the licence of oil paintings and frescos' restorer.
In 2000, Federica works at the university in Arezzo in the Restoration and Conservation of Fine Arts department, where she complets her lessons in painting restoration in 2007 with full degrees and top honors. Presently she residences in Florence, where she works in a contemporary art gallery and as a painting and fresco restorer (she has recently completed the restoration of the important oil paintings San Lorenzo Church in Florence).
In May 2007, Carlo, father of Federica, purchases the "Prelius - Castelprile" estate for Federica like, more than forty years before, Raffaello Stianti bought Volpaia for Giovannella his daughter and Federica's mother. Federica follows all the technical aspects of the estate strong of the experience acquired in Volpaia along with periods of work spent in Umbria at Falesco with our winemaker Riccardo Cotarella and in a renomated Chile's winery.
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